Caduceus - in classical mythology, the symbol of Hermes or Mercury
(the messenger) and associated with the Greek god of healing, Asclepius

Caduceus is a unique, innovative
global advertising channel

Caduceus connects
advertisers to global
healthcare professionals
via social media... leveraging innovative
custom audience and
programmatic media
opportunities and our
proprietary data...

to create amazing engaging
experiences with your content.
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Caduceus social is a unique global advertising channel based on the personalized targeting opportunities emerging in social media and the identification and profiling of Healthcare Professionals within it.


The current market is inefficient.

Current publisher networks are generally using HCP’s list that are non-verified against third party sources, are heavily based on email or existing communities and result in high cost per clicks, higher still cost per engagements to advertisers and dubious claims about regulatory compliance.

Where HCP’s are fully verified the media opportunities and reach are limited and fragmented due to the closed community nature of the networks.

The rise of custom audience advertising tools offers the ability to target advertising within social media down to the individual or group.

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Lets disrupt the market and reach HCP’s in the largest digital media channels out there…social media.

Guess what …healthcare professionals use social media:

  • 87% of physicians ages 26-55 use social media
  • 65% of physicians ages 56-75 use social media
  • 58% Perceive Social Media To Be Beneficial And A Good Way To Get Current, – High-Quality Information
  • 24% Physicians Use Social Media Daily To Scan Or Explore New Medical Information

Our solution is a better, more targeted, and verified product that will create better ROI.


Unique value to advertisers

This unique channel offers a credible opportunity for advertisers to reach the 75% of HCP’s who say they use social media. The process of verification adds significant value to our clients. For instance, Life Sciences companies operate in a highly regulated environment and are limited in the ways they can use social media channels. Custom Audience targeting of only verified HCP’s offers a significant opportunity to them. This disruptive channel will offer significant cost savings and greater reach vs existing online medical publisher and HCP social networks.

How we add value:


An identified and increasingly verified list of global HCP’s


Experienced creative, media buying and planning services to execute campaigns using this list in social media
- Awareness / Engagement
- Re-Targeting
- Pharma Product / Trial Recruitment


Superior insight and analytics services that create a feedback loop for the client’s on-going multi-channel CRM activities


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We identify and verify HCP’s based on a spectrum of activity, some of it uses achingly cool technology, other alot of hard graft. In either case they don’t make our list unless we are sure they are an HCP.

Campaign planning

Your campaigns will be planned and delivered by segmenting our unique database to match your targeting criteria and campaign objectives.

Caduceus is ideally suited to support the following objectives as part of your multi-channel digital campaign:

  • Condition Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Re-targeting
  • Ethical product marketing
  • Clinical trial recruitment
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Campaign creative

We have a full range of creative skills and can supply the artwork and messaging for your targeted campaign. We will provide the services that allow you to connect to your target audience, communicate your message effectively and stand out from your competitors.

Approval packs

We will organise the campaign approval packs to ensure that the content and design assets have secured sign-off by the medical and legal review teams and adhere to compliance rules.

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Reporting and insights

Superior insight and analytics services that create a feedback loop for the client’s on-going multi-channel CRM activities.

Our amazing technology

Technology Stack

Our unique platform merges a mix of business and technology processes to generate friction-less results for our clients and partners.

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